Sow Herd

72-2-berk-sow-jpg72-2 Berk Gilt

Mr. Twister X Wanted
This gilt was the champion Berkshire gilt at the 2015 Go Big or Go Home sale. My kids showed her all summer. She was a class winner at the 2015 CPS Summer Type Conference as well.
17-4 Double Feature X Double Stuff. We would like to thank Jake Hege for teaming up with us to purchase this foundation spot female. We expect great things from this one. Her grandmother is a littermate to Rampage. She was champion gilt at 2012 sullivan County Fair and Won her class at the 2012 CPS Summer Type Conference.

Mother of "RADIOACTIVE" and "BOWSER"
pack-a-lunch-sow-jpg8-6 Pack a Lunch X Rampage. Thank you to the Noel family for making it possible for us to bring this one home to Center Point. She was named champion spot gilt at the 2012 Johnson County Fair and was a class winner at the 2012 Indiana State Fair. This one's mother is a littermate to Rampage 5-3 at Praire State Semen.

This sow is quickly becoming the backbone and future of Lowdermilk Showpigs.

Just sired $3200 Class winner
purchased by Adam Beck Showpigs and $2250 Boar Purchased by Purple Power Boar Stud at the 2013 Indiana State Fair.

Sired Top 5 spot barrow 2014 Houston in her second litter

Watch for her litter of Loud Mouths. This litter looks to be her best yet and we believe this is the best one she has every been mated to
Changer X Tapp Datt X Drop Shot

We are very excited to have this gilt in our sow herd. She was shown by the Douglass Family last year and had a very successful career. She was set to be their Crossbred Classic Entry but we were able to purchase her before the show and for that we are thankful. Here is a list of her accomplishments: 3 Time Reserve Grand Overall Indiana and Illinois jackpots, 2 time Reserve Cross Indiana Jackpots, and 7 Time Class Winner.
We are stoked about her litter of Moguls.
Two Stoke X Dyno
This was our $2750 purchase from the 2014 Fall Classic from the Corya Family. Of all the gilts that we looked at the Fall Classic none hit us any harder than this one right here. We loved this one for being tall shoulder yet opened up and extremely good on her feet and legs. We had seen this pedigree before and for us it was a no brainer, we had to own her.
hamp-sow-jpg17-1 Total Package X Augusta
We love this Hampshire in terms of feet and legs, body and overall look. I love this one and cant wait for her litter of skybox pigs. This gilt was a purchase we made from the Noel Family that showed this gilt to Reserve Hampshire honors at the 2013 Johnson County Fair. This sow just sired $6250 second top selling Hampshire boar at the Southeast Type Conference. A huge thank you to Lean Value Sires.
stand-out-sow-jpg7-7 Stand Out X Moving On

This is very likely the best one we have ever produced. Her mother is the late moving on 3-1 sow that was the back bone of our herd for more than 7 years. This gilt is so good in so many areas, yet so unique in so many areas for a spot. She is super designed, big legged , big ribbed, and has a big old tale head that sets up on the top side of her rump just like it should. She is the mother of Get Loud as well as the mother of the Reserve Grand Overall spot gilt 2015 Indiana State Fair. This gilt has generated countless winners acrossed the Country and is still a big time producer having just had her 6th litter. We believe one of the elite spot sows in America.
Entourage X Moving On
This one is out of the good old girl herself. Her mother was a 13 parity sow that was the back bone of our herd for many years, and this gilt came from her very last service through the crate. For us we can't have enough daughters out of the old Moving On sows. This one did an outstanding job in the crate and looks to follow in her mommas footsteps.
Two Stoke X Stand Out
This gilt is a littermate to the Jester Gilt that was Reserve Grand Spot Gilt 2015 Indiana State Fair. She is also a full mating to Get Loud.
Big Foot sow
Mother of $37000 Grand Champion Spot boar 2015 Indiana State Fair.
royal-flush-sow-jpgRoyal Flush X Stick Out
138-7 Wanted X Gary Coleman
She may best be recognized as Non-Typical's mother and last year's Reserve barrow at WPX. We have been hopping into the berkshire thing over the last couple years and this one has made queit a splash. Be watching for her litter sired by Keep Talkin.
Uproar X Royal Flush

This is "tractor loader" which happens to be the gilt that Chase showed last year to a very successful show career. She has a really nice set of New Directions on her. This gilt won her class multiple times and was always at the top of the class everytime she went out.
18-13Uncaged X Cadillac
This is a gilt we purchased from Brice Conover in his winter bred gilt sale. When I chatted with Brice about these bred Gilts 18-13 was one of them on his short list of great ones. She did a great job farrowing and has a nice litter of Speak for Yourself babies on her now.
Loud Mouth X Entourage
Littermate to "Trash Talk"
This gilt won her class at the Indiana State Fair Junior Show. Be watching for her spring 2017 Litter sired by Double Time
Radioactive X Entourage
This is another great young sow from the terrific Moving On sow family. This gilt has a super looking set of Loud Mouths on her born in early Jan.
fullsizerender-jpg 4-5
Sentimental x Blue Blood

This is one of our very promising gilts that we have recently added to the herd. She is due to farrow a litter of Pinnacle pigs and we are excited about these.