Boars Sold

trashtalk"Trash Talk"
Thank you to Lean Value for their continued support of our program. This guy is a loud mouth x Entourage. He was the reserve Champion spot boar at the 2016 Indiana State Fair.
11951919_10105426267947468_4447052923563915172_n-jpg"Loud Mouth"
$37000 Grand Champion Spot boar at the 2015 Indiana State Fair. A huge thank you to Travis Platt and Sam Sher of Upperhand Genetics for their purchase of this breed changing giant.
$15000 Top Selling Boar From the CPS Summer Type Coference. Sincere Thank you to Lean Value Sires for their purchase.
get-loud-profile_l-jpgGet Loud
Here is the $13500 Champion spot boar from the 2014 CPS Summer Type Conference. He is a Two Stroke X Stand Out. Words cannot describe how humbled we were by the overwhelming popularity this boar had not only at Springfield, but for shows to come. Breeders were very impressed by this boars ability to combine mass, width and flexibility in one package. Feel free to contact Praire State Semen Sales for semen on this genetic stud.
detox-jpg Detox
A sincere thank you to Adam Beck and the crew at Crossroads Genetics for having extreme confidence in our program and purchasing this Radioactive son to place into their stud. We think this one has some very unique pieces for the spot breed.
Like No Other X Double Feature
We think this one has done the speaking for himself. In his first summer he sired numerous State and National champions acrossed the country. This one is a great generator of design and flexibility. We have used this one heavily and will continue to do so.
loud-and-clear1-jpgShout Out Loud
Bullfrog X Pack a Lunch
This was our $2250 2nd class spot boar entry at the 2013 Indiana State FAir that was purchased by Purple Power Boar Stud and Gary Perkins. This is one massive made soft middle flexible individual.
2010wintopsellingboar1-jpgWide Out
$21000 Top Selling Spot Boar 2010 CPS Summer Type Conference. A sincere thank you to Lean Values Sires for their confidence in this Blind Faith X Moving On boar. Contact Lean Value Sires at 1-800-972-8766 for semen
2010win3rdclass4spotboar1-jpg"Maximum Capacity"
3rd Class 4 Spot Board (behind Grand and Reserve Grand Overall) 2010 Indiana State Fair. Thank you to Miller Farms, IL for their $1000 purchase of this Maximus X B & B son