Attention:  March 25th, 2018

                                            Open House Starting at 2:00 PMcib2018_lr

              We will be having our open house just as we did last                      year.  We will also be selling a set of December babies                    off of the farm prior to the open house.  The open house                will be held on March 25h.  Give Troy a call: 812-201-0268                                                         to come look at the hogs.


4th Overall Spot Barrow 2017 Indiana State Fair.  Congratulations to Byron Bradbury for his accomplishments with this barrow. This barrow was sired by Loud Mouth.  Be looking out for pigs from this same sow this year as well as a great looking litter out a Full sib and sired by Dream Big.  This barrow sold in last years open house.


Loud Mouth

$37000 Champion Spot Boar 2015 Indiana State Fair

2016 and 2017 National Sire of the Year

Lowdermilk Showpigs is the place for high-quality, high-performing spotted hogs. We are a small showpig business with big time livestock. We don’t strive to have a high number of livestock available, but we do strive to have the best available.

We are dedicated to helping the youth of America and  have built our business around honesty and integrity.  We have been raising showpigs with the same motto for more than 30 years.  From one generation to the next, the compassion and commitment to the showpig industry never waivers.  We believe that to be successful you must have a winning attitude and a dedicated team.  Let us be a part of your team!

We appreciate all who have helped to make our team a success, and look forward to helping YOU get to the winner circle

Fall sires include:  Spots: Walk the Line, Loud Mouth, Colonel, Dream Big, Sound Off, Mic Drop, Loud Talker, Scorpion, Hammerdown, Mic Drop

Berks: Gold Digger, Take That, Classic, Two Tone, Sasquatch, Shut Ur Mouth

Crosses:  Push The limit, Antecdote, Big Vision, skywire